California Drone Laws

Law Overview

There are two proposed California drone bills:

California Assembly Bill 1327 was introduced in Feburary 2013 by Assembly Members Gorell and Bradford. The bill prohibits public agencies from using drones except for law enforcement with a proper warrant.

California Assembly Bill 1327: Overview and full text (pdf)

California Senate Bill 15 was introduced in December 2012 by Senator Padilla. It makes it illegal to secretly record or eavesdrop on private communications. The bill also prohibits weaponized drones.

California Senate Bill 15: Overview and full text (pdf)


3 comments on “California Drone Laws
  1. rick navarro says:

    can I fly my drone in my neighborhood for testing and calibration purposes

    • Howard Redd says:

      Who’s saying you can’t? FAA has issues specific guidance. From what I’ve been told, haven’t confirmed it though, CA law says property owners have no ownership rights to the airspace above their property. There is the new paparazzi law in the works.

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