Iowa Drone Laws

Law Overview

Three drone laws have been introduced in Iowa:

Iowa House File 410 was introduced in March 2013 by

Iowa House File 410: Overview and full text (pdf)

Iowa House File 427 was introduced in March 2013 by Representative Jason Schultz. The bill prevents law enforcement from using drones to gather evidence except during a terrorist attack, with search warrant, to save life, to prevent damage to property, to prevent escape of a suspect, or to prevent destruction of evidence. Any evidence collected in violation of the bill is not admissible in court.

Iowa House File 427: Overview and full text (pdf)

Iowa Senate File 276 was introduced in February 2013 by six senators. It places a moratorium on law enforcement drone use prior to July 1, 2015 except during a disaster, for amber alerts, and for search and rescue. It prohibits weaponized drones under all circumstances. It was sent to the the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Iowa House File 276: Overview and full text (pdf)


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